The Mexican authorities regulate and define the minimum commercial information with which the different types of products to be marketed in Mexico must comply. The Commercial Information of the client requires compliance with the NOM so that the consumer is well-informed when deciding what to buy.

In order to ensure that the verification of Commercial Information is performed in an effective and uniform manner, NYCE ASIA is in a position to provide technical assistance in the design of the information required in the label.

Also, with the support of NYCE, it is a Commercial Information Verification Unit Type «C«, certified and approved in accordance with the Federal Law on Metrology and Standardization, to verify the compliance with the following standards required in the point of entry in Mexico:

  • NOM-004-SCFI – Textiles, clothing, their accessories and household linen
  • NOM-015-SCFI – Toys
  • NOM-020-SCFI – Footwear, leather, chrome-tanned leathers and leather goods
  • NOM-024-SCFI – Electronic, electrical and household appliances
  • NOM-050-SCFI – Products in general
  • NOM-051-SCFI / SSA1 – Prepackaged food and non-alcoholic beverages
  • NOM-116-SCFI – Engine lubricating oils
  • NOM-141-SSA1 – Prepackaged cosmetics
  • NOM-142-SSA1 – Alcoholic Beverages
  • NOM-186-SSA1 / SCFI – Chocolate
  • NOM-187-SSA1 / SCFI – Dough, tortillas, toasts and flours
  • NOM-189-SSA1 / SCFI – Cleaning products for domestic use
  • NOM-192-SSA1 / SCFI – Cleaning products for domestic use

NYCE ASIA, an excellent choice as market access facilitator.

  • Design of labeling and technical support from home
  • Compliance assurance that expedites the delivery times of your goods
  • Wide range of NOM for products to be verified
  • Assurance that the traded products contain full information for the consumer according to the Trade Information NOM

Steps for the verification process of Commercial Information through NYCE ASIA:

  1. The user requests information for the verification of his or her products through NYCE ASIA.
  2. NYCE ASIA provides the requirements for verifying the Commercial Information Labeling.
  3. The user delivers the product information to NYCE ASIA.
  4. NYCE ASIA, through NYCE S.C., performs the technical analysis.
  5. If the Commercial Information meets the requirements of the applicable NOM for the product, NYCE issues the Conformity document, called Certificate of Conformity.