International commerce involves more participants every day in commercial activities, including: importers, exporters, brokers, associations, business chambers and various governmental institutions. Commercial transactions imply the certainty that the goods are acquired with the confidence that the materials reaching their destination meet the purchase and sale specifications agreed upon. Therefore, the third party inspection agencies play an important role to ensure the conformity of the products.

The pre-shipment inspection is an inspection of goods that will be checked before being shipped to their final destination. NYCE ASIA will conduct an inspection based on the customer specifications and will issue a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) including all the details of the inspection.

Our Shipment Inspection service supports Mexican buyers and importers by giving them the confidence that their goods, when exported, comply with the customer specifications.

NYCE ASIA offers different types of inspection to satisfy the user needs. Such as:

  • Initial inspection (first articles)
  • In-line inspection (in the process)
  • Final inspection (pre-shipment)
  • Shipment inspection (proof of release)

The inspection process involves accurate verification using different control methods, such as the following:

  • Safety requirements
  • Preservation, identification and packaging
  • Shipment quality
  • Packaging
  • Marking and labeling


  • Physical inspection of the goods at the origin.
  • We ensure that the products sent to you meet the requirements requested by your suppliers.
  • The risks involving the authority are reduced.
  • Inspection at the origin to allow the examination of all the necessary documents for the import before the goods leave the source port in China.
  • Inspection of the Mexican Official Standards of Commercial Information.
  • Support for the buyer at predicting the time of release of the goods.