Mexican authorities establish and define technical regulations that different type of products must meet to be sold in Mexico, requiring for this purpose to obtain the certification based on the Mexican Official Standards, to ensure safety, consumer health and environment protection and the means of communication.

In NYCEASIA we are committed to ensure that the certification services are carried out effectively, transparently and consistently by experienced staff in the Latin American and Asian market.

With the support of testing laboratories in China, which have signed Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs), such as CTI and TÜV with the most experienced testing laboratories in Mexico, products can be tested from origin, allowing to increase infrastructure.

We promote cost savings by eliminating the logistics of shipping samples, the certification mark that we obtain is widely known and recognized by the Mexican authorities, providing a structure of confidence in the Mexican market in our competence field.

Based on our structure, we have an electronic system to monitor the product certification process.

The following are the Official Mexican standards we can provide support from Asia:

Electronic and Electrical:

  • NOM-003-SCFI – Electric products security
  • NOM-001-SCFI – Household electronic devices.
  • NOM-016-SCFI – Electronic equipment for office use
  • NOM-019-SCFI – Data processing equipment.


  • NOM-121-SCT1 – Radio equipment for frequency hopping and digital modulation.

Energy Efficiency

  • NOM-005-ENER – Household electric washing machines.
  • NOM-011-ENER – Air conditioners central rate , package or split.
  • NOM-015-ENER – Refrigerators and freezers.
  • NOM-017-ENER/SCFI – Compact fluorescent lamps.
  • NOM-021-ENER/SCFI – Air conditioners.
  • NOM-022-ENER/SCFI – Refrigerators and commercial freezers
  • NOM-023-ENER – Energy efficiency in air conditioners split type, without air ducts. Limits, test methods and labeling.
  • NOM-030-ENER – Light-Emitting Diode (LED).
  • NOM-031-ENER – Luminaries with light emitting diodes (LED).
  • NOM-032-ENER- Equipment and equipment standby power demand.

Tire Industry

  • NOM-086/1-SCFI-2011- New radial tire construction and construction diagonal tires.
  • NOM-086-SCFI-2010 – New construction of radial tires.
  • NOM-121-SCFI-2004 – Chambers for pneumatic tires of motor vehicles and bicycles.
  • NOM-134-SCFI-1999 – Camera valves and valves for tubeless wheel used for type tires.